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Spiked for your pleasure! Our Femme Top mink-style lashes are made from multiple layers of 3D synthetic fibres, giving a realistic, fluffy lash for when you want to add the glam factor to your look.

They come in our cute lil’ custom-made What A Drag boxes which include a magnetic lid to keep your lashes safe.

As worn by Danny Beard, Miss Peaches and @the_mademoiselle_bijou.

21 reviews for Femme Top Lashes

  1. jordylukeb (verified owner)

    The best lashes I have used!

  2. SemiColon (verified owner)

    These are my go to drag lashes. They are dramatic but because they are spiky, they allow the eyeshadow look to still be seen which is a big plus for me. The only downside, is I wish they were curled so they fit better behind your natural lash.

  3. Misty Rose (verified owner)

    Quality (check) Aesthetic (check) Drag Queen Superstar (check)
    The most gorgeous lashes! Honestly what more could you want from a lash!
    little tip: The shape of the lashes is so gorgeous, I love to add gems to the ends of each bit for that extra bit of sparkle!

  4. VonBonFacade

    I bought these lashes last year and omg, it was love at first sight. They’re BIG but despite that they’re very lightweight on my eyelids and pretty comfortable. They’re very durable, stay on for long periods and really make your eyes pop. Definitely worth the price!

  5. Bostin Belle (verified owner)

    The most beautiful lashes I’ve ever seen in my LIFE!

  6. John Theobald-Bee


  7. Ollywood

    these are by far the BEST drag lashes on the market, so beautiful and full, perfect for any drag look! if you’re considering purchasing do it ASAP, you wont regret it.

  8. Sammie Bretherick (verified owner)

    These lashes are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!! Honestly look amazing and feel so lightweight despite their full appearance that I forgot I was wearing them absolutely love love love the sultry appearance they gave me!

  9. Alotta Bodi (verified owner)

    these lashes are everything! they are so easy to apply and look gorgeous! these lashes are a must have! I dont really wear usual lashes like these, i usually go for the paper ones as they’re much larger, however, when I do my fishy drag instead of loud drag, these are the lashes I use, no doubt!

    [email protected] xx

  10. solly cimmino (verified owner)

    the most perfect lashes, absolutely in love! amazing packaging would recommend 100%!
    – @annaa.condaaa

  11. Ellie Ganza (verified owner)

    I bought these lashes purely for the Halloween packaging. The packaging was stunning but omg so are the lashes!! I cannot wait to wear them

  12. kevindodemont (verified owner)

    I bought these as my first lashes from what a drag and they have become my signature lashes for my Drag look. I love the quality, how strong they are and they last after multi usage and the packaging is so adorable and strong… I now have a collection of lashes from this site and I love them all! Thank you Miss Dee Licious aka Miss Charity Drag UK 2019

  13. Aarron Joshuah (verified owner)

    I’ve flirted with buying a few bottom/paper pairs before, but this payday I went out and got myself a load of top pairs. They look stunning, irritation from stray hairs is a thing of the past and they pull off like new lashes. My game is stepped up to skinny legend thanks to dom & brad xxx p.s. i’ve been waiting months for something like the fem top. It’s the only style of lash I live for. Stan!

  14. Kyle McAuley (verified owner)

    These lashes are very durable and long lasting. They can be worn repeatedly and stacked for a more dramatic effect. Definitely worth the purchase and highly recommend them to anyone!!!

  15. Craig Colley (verified owner)

    I love a long lash but don’t like how full 301’s are. These are spikey and fluffy so you can still see your eye makeup through them. NEW FAVES!

  16. jvern.lg

    Very good!! Big and bold

  17. Marius Natland (verified owner)

    New faves!❤️

  18. Elliot Ceretti (verified owner)

    An upgrade to the classic 301 lashes, would definitely recommend, great price for a great product:)
    – @ellasoufflee

  19. Alex Field (verified owner)

    i am not the best at putting lashes on. bur, these are different. i put these on without effort. they make me look so feminine and are just so SO stunning! they make me gag! however, the think that makes me gag more is the price! only £7?! id pay £20 for lashes of this quality!

  20. sarynassfx (verified owner)

    These lashes are so comfortable, honestly the most comfy lashes I have worn!!

  21. Brooke Mark (verified owner)

    I am OBSESSED with these lashes! They are so big, full and dramatic yet you can barely feel them on your eyes! So easy to apply and comfortable, yet so beautiful the perfect drag lash if you ask me! What more could you want for £7?

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