Life may be short but your lashes don’t have to be! 301 lashes, bottom lashes and 3D faux mink lashes.

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  • Out of stockFemme Top Lashes

    Femme Top Lashes

  • Out of stock301 Submissive Lashes

    301 Submissive Lashes

  • Out of stock301 Dominant Lashes

    301 Dominant Lashes

  • Out of stock3D Versatile Lashes

    3D Versatile Lashes

  • Power Bottom Lashes

    Power Bottom Lashes

  • Out of stockThree Way Lashes

    Three Way Lashes

  • Coronation Artistry Palette

    Coronation Artistry Palette

  • Out of stockPillow Princess Lashes

    Pillow Princess Lashes


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