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She’s full, she’s fluffy and she’ll serve you drama, mama! Our Versatile mink-style lashes are made from multiple layers of 3D synthetic fibres, giving a realistic, fluffy lash for when you want to add the glam factor to your look.

They come in our cute lil’ custom-made What A Drag boxes which include a magnetic lid to keep your lashes safe.

As worn by Cheryl Hole, @slimmerthatsnacks and @leannamakeup.

13 reviews for 3D Versatile Lashes

  1. Jinx Kween (verified owner)

    such a great pair but seriously I live on big lashes so these are perfection
    really recommend these even for a first time!

  2. SemiColon (verified owner)

    These are fluffy and full. Love them. I haven’t had any problem with them shedding (like I do with other brands lashes). They are a bit shorter in height than other lashes what a drag sell, like their femme top or dominant lash. I also like that this band is not too thick and is nice and flexible.

  3. Alba (verified owner)

    Best lashes ever!!
    I stack these with submissive ones to make my lashes absolutely POP!!!

  4. mayak2904 (verified owner)

    My favourite lashes ever and my go to for every drag look!!

  5. Ashlea bad (verified owner)

    Amazing product!! Love them

  6. Delilah Tickles

    FINALLY. A lash as full and as fluffy as I like to use!

    Perfect ❤️

  7. Arina fox (verified owner)

    These are the best lashes I have ever worn to date!!! They are super light and easy to apply. I used to struggle putting lashes on but not anymore with these 3D lashes. What a drag a slaying the cosmetic industry and are super camp and fun!!

    Worth every penny!!! I have just ordered and stocked up with 5 pairs.

    I love you guys

  8. Craig Colley (verified owner)

    These are a great lash. Smaller than the femme tops (my faves) so go with every look. Nice and fluffy and they’ve lasted ages. I just peel the glue off carefully and pop them back in the cute box.

  9. Alex Field (verified owner)

    these lashes are so amazing. before the femme tops they were by far my faves! they are so fluffy and extra. i would not hesitate to buy them again if my others got damaged.

  10. Shego Twist (verified owner)

    One of the best lashes on what a Drag, when I tell you this lash really changed the game u better believe it, no longer have to stack lashes

  11. honey pleeze

    i don’t know what i’d do without these lashes, they’re my go to for every drag look & are very sturdy and hard wearing. would 10000/10 recommend

  12. sarynassfx (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these eyelashes, they are my ultimate go to for both drag and every day wear.

    These are truly stunning!!

  13. janina.gomeringer (verified owner)

    My favourite lashes for drag! These lashes are super fluffy and gorgeous, my go-to for any Drag look. Also super easy to stack for extra volume!

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