3-Lashes Bundle

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301 Submissive Lashes

£4.99 £4.29

301 Dominant Lashes

£6.95 £5.98

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Power Bottom Lashes

£4.99 £4.29

3D Versatile Lashes

£6.95 £5.98

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Femme Top Lashes

£6.95 £5.98

Three Way Lashes

£6.95 £5.98

Big Daddy Lashes

£6.95 £5.98

Safe Word Lashes

£4.99 £4.29

Striptease Lashes

£4.99 £4.29

Pillow Princess Lashes

£6.95 £5.98

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Buy a bundle of three pairs of lashes and save 14% off each pair! Choose from:

They come in our cute lil' custom-made What A Drag boxes which include a magnetic lid to keep your lashes safe.

As worn by Cheryl Hole (Submissives), @leannamakeup (Dominants), Asia Thorne (Power Bottoms), @slimmerthatsnacks (Versatiles) and Miss Peaches (Femme Tops).

Upgrade to the 4-Lashes Bundle for 18% off each pair!

1 review for 3-Lashes Bundle

  1. MariLynn The Queen (verified owner)

    These lashes are just the best! And I find the bundles perfect! The prettiest lashes ever!

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