Pink Points FAQs

What are Pink Points?

Pink Points are part of our brand-new loyalty scheme. And how they work is super simple!

For every £1 you spend, you’ll earn 10 Pink Points. And for every 100 Pink Points you’ve earned, you can save £1 off your next order!

Pink Points

For example, if you buy a wig for £54.99, you’ll earn 550 Pink Points. Next time you order, you can redeem those points to save £5.50! GAG!

To use your Pink Points, look out for the banner at the top of your bag and select ‘apply discount’.

Are there other ways of earning Pink Points?

Yes! We’ll give you 500 Pink Points when you write your first review of one of our products.

To leave a review, just head to one of our product pages and look for the ‘reviews’ tab.

How do I see how many Pink Points I have?

You can check your Pink Points balance here.

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