UPDATE (6th December 2021): Unfortunately, we've had a few problems with our carrier which has meant we've been slower than usual at despatching your orders. We're really sorry about this, lovelies! But don't worry - we're working to get everyone's orders out ASAP!

You can find answers to some of our frequently asked questions on the pages below.


What we’re working on, and whether our lashes are vegan (spoiler alert: they are!)

Ordering & payment

How to pay, how to use a discount code, what to do if you’re having a problem checking out, and more!

Pink Points

What are they and how do they work?! Get the T here…


How long it’ll take your order to arrive, what to do if it’s late, and more!

Return & refunds

What to do if there’s something wrong with your order when it arrives


What to do if you can’t get into your account

Affiliate squad

How our affiliate scheme works and how to apply

If the answer you’re looking for isn’t here, just tap the help button in the bottom-right corner to get in touch.

Best sellers

  • 301 Submissive Lashes

    301 Submissive Lashes

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  • 3D Versatile Lashes

    3D Versatile Lashes

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  • Power Bottom Lashes

    Power Bottom Lashes

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  • Coronation Artistry Palette

    Coronation Artistry Palette

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  • Eye Makeup Brush Set

    Eye Makeup Brush Set

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  • Out of stockMakeup Blenders

    Makeup Blenders (x2)

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  • Wig Detangling Brush

    Wig Detangling Brush

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  • Face Makeup Brush Set

    Face Makeup Brush Set

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