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Please welcome to the stage, the Coronation Artistry Palette!

24 high-pigment shades in HUGE pans to give you endless possibilities for getting creative. She consists of three different formulas, matte, shimmer and diamond. From the deepest, darkest matte black, all the way to our wet-look diamond shades, we’ve got the spectrum covered!

Our formula is cruelty-free and our ingredients are all vegan. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable!

You’ll find a magnetic mirror safely stored between the two sides of your palette, both protecting your shadows from contaminating each other and giving you maximum convenience when travelling. Simply pull her out, fold her up and you’ve got an on-the-go mirror! Then, when you’re done, fold her down and snap her back into place!


Y’all asked for swatches so here they are! Diamond & Satin formula first! #makeup #eyeshadow #smallbusiness #fyp #eyelashes

♬ Stuck in the Middle – Tai Verdes

11 reviews for Coronation Artistry Palette

  1. user_62ea100a8ff25 (verified owner)

    I just got this today.
    I’ve been waiting with anticipation since the day I order it.
    The photos do Not do the colours justice! I’m love love loving this.
    So pigmented.

  2. Cherry de Bomb (verified owner)

    This brand is so underrated! And so is this palette! 24 highly pigmented shades! The pans were bigger than I thought they’d be! And it comes with a stand up mirror! I really would recommend for anyone, not just drag queens, anyone!

  3. Bearberry McQueen (verified owner)

    This pallet is insane! The colours are super vibrant, why black is probably one of, if not THE best black eyeshadow I’ve used! It’s literally the only pallet you need!

  4. jacobalexwood4

    Amazing colours and gorgeous formula.

  5. Misty Rose (verified owner)

    Im actually coming back to leave a 2nd review for this amazing palette! because I can’t stop raving about it to everyone!
    This has everything you’d need as it has your contour and highlight shades! The amazing colours for the sassy Divas out there! and the most pigmented black for adding dimension!
    I can’t help but use this Palette in EVERY SINGLE LOOK!

  6. Emoly (verified owner)

    Stunning packaging and perfect range of shadow colours! The mirror that comes with is double sided with one side more magnified which is handy 🙂 The shadows perform really well, especially when compared to the big brands I’m used to. The palette is huge, which I like, and the pans are massive, perfect for anybody who uses brights on a daily basis. Good balance of mattes and shimmers. They blend really well and the shimmers can be used as face highlights. Definitely worth the already affordable price x

  7. Misty Rose (verified owner)

    Trust me when I say I was very excited to open this Palette! first off the packaging is Stunning! it looks very secure and comes well protected. When I opened the palette, I actually gasped! it was so beautiful! I was immediately inspired to dive right in. I’ve loved What A Drag since the beginning, but now they’ve even surpassed my expectations of QUALITY & AFFORDABLE products.

  8. Mark Cummings (verified owner)

    I love this pallet just the black tends to flake off

  9. Pix Elated (verified owner)

    Super pigmented and a beautiful selection of colours! I have quite a few palettes and I still use this one most. It feels beautiful on my skin, and it lasts for super long. I can go a full day without any of the pigment fading

  10. Ashlea bad (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning palette!! Can’t stop using this ❤️❤️Feels so surreal that it’s finally here

  11. Glenda Hand (verified owner)

    This gave me goosebumps!! I ordered this yesterday and it arrived in less than 24 hours!! Wow!! I’m impressed, then you open the beautifully presented box and open the palette wrapped in a protective cover and find the SHAMAZING colours and the cute pop out mirror….What a drag, you’ve just got yourself a loyal customer!!! Everyone needs one of these! Don’t even think about it just add to basket already and pay for it Goddamn it!!

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