Coronation Artistry Palette


Available for pre-order in June

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Please welcome to the stage, the Coronation Artistry Palette!

24 high-pigment shades in HUGE pans to give you endless possibilities for getting creative. She consists of three different formulas, matte, shimmer and diamond. From the deepest, darkest matte black, all the way to our wet-look diamond shades, we’ve got the spectrum covered!

Our formula is cruelty-free and our ingredients are all vegan. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable!

You’ll find a magnetic mirror safely stored between the two sides of your palette, both protecting your shadows from contaminating each other and giving you maximum convenience when travelling. Simply pull her out, fold her up and you’ve got an on-the-go mirror! Then, when you’re done, fold her down and snap her back into place!

Available for pre-order in June! Subscribe for updates

As used by Asia Thorne, Blossom and Miss Peaches.


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