PEACHES TEACHES: How to glue your brows down (successfully)

How to glue your brows down (successfully)

All you need is:

Step 1

First thing you’re gonna wanna do is make sure you have a fresh clean face! And pull your hair back!

With forward and backwards motions, apply a hefty amount of glue to your brow covering all the brow hair.

Step 2

Using a metal eyebrow comb, I brush all the hair up and out, leaving NO hair behind, luvvy! Then, using the glue stick, I quickly apply more glue in the direction I’ve just combed the hair, sealing the hair down.

Step 3

Quickly, while the glue’s still wet, grab a wet wipe and take away all the excess glue around the brow on you skin.

Step 4

Let this glue set and dry COMPLETELY before applying your next layer. Once that’s dry, add another layer of glue in the same direction, again always wiping away the excess glue while wet!

I like to do this process three times! But depending on how thick your brows are, you might have to repeat this up to four times. Please make sure you always wipe away the excess with a wipe while the glue is wet and let every layer dry!

Step 5

So after you’ve applied your last layer of glue, while the glue is wet, grab your powder puff with a liberal amount of powder on it!

Pack the powder onto the wet glue as fast as you can! The more powder you use the better!

Put the puff under your palm and roll the puff up your brow with the palm of your hand to really pack it in. If you don’t go blind for three seconds then your doing it wrong! 😂

Step 6 (last one!)

Grab your powder brush and whisk away the excess powder – and there you have it! A beautiful brow cover!

This guide was brought to you by the gorgeous Miss Peaches. Go check her out!

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