Best drag open-mics around London

Starting as a new performer can be difficult, especially when it comes to London which is huge and full of so many incredible performers.

So here are some of the best venues for new performers – open-mic slots which allow all kinds of performers (regardless of how experienced they are) to perform and test out their material!

Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Vauxhall Station – Bar Wotever

Probably one of the most well-known open-mic slots in London, Bar Wotever is a weekly event which hosts an open-mic every week and is super easy to apply for. The link is here and you don’t have to do drag!

Bar Wotever is open to anyone and everyone, as long as no racism, homophobia, transphobia etc., is present.

I’ve performed at Bar Wotever myself and created friends I still talk to today, and it was such an incredible and inviting experience. It’s a great environment for anyone looking to try out performing!


The Glory, Haggerston Station – Werk in Progress

Werk in Progress is The Glory’s open-mic night that is great for anyone looking to try out new acts.

As the name suggests, it’s for works-in-progress, so it’s great if you have a performance but don’t feel as if it’s completely finalised yet!

It means that you can try it out infront of an audience, on a stage, and figure out what parts you need to fine-tune and edit and see how an audience reacts to it!

To take part, email [email protected] or contact them on Facebook.

The Glory – Crayola’s Madhouse

Crayola’s Madhouse is always open to new and upcoming performers. The poster above is the for the upcoming show with some incredible open-mic performers!

The show is always a great time and is open for all kinds of performances, with a different theme every month!

Email Crayola to take part. Facebook.

Various venues – United Shapes of Drag

United Shapes of Drag is a drag collective created from Michael Twaits “Art of Drag” workshop, in which the performers found a common ground in wanting to create gender-bending drag.

They perform in various venues such as the RVT, The Apple Tree and others! Make sure to keep up with their events to see where they’ll be next.


Various venues – Boulangarie

Boulangarie is a show hosted by The Gold Rush Season 1 alumni Wanda Cookie, and has been hosted at VFD and The Chateau.

The last theme of the show was religion and created a safe and respecting environment for all performers to explore their faiths that not many LGBT+ spaces allow.

To keep up with their events, make sure to like Wanda Cookie’s page on Facebook!


Know any other open-mic slots? Particularly ones that aren’t London-based? Let us know!

This post was written by Jinx-Jae Hood.

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