4 tips on how to get your first drag gig

First drag gig

Hey queens! It’s your gal – the myth, the legend, the icon, Shego Twist! So listen, kids, I’m constantly getting people say to me, “Shego, I’m a new baby queen and I can’t seem to get a gig!”

So that’s why I’m here today to give you my four best tips for how to get your first gig.

#1 Social media

My first and biggest tip I can give anyone for starting drag is to have a social media page for your drag persona. I’d recommend an Instagram account as that’s what most queens have but you could have a Facebook page as well.

Having a social media account is the best way for other queens to find you and get to know you, and is a really good way to get your foot into the scene.

#2 Follow the local girls

My second tip is to follow the local girls on social media! Although it seems obvious, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been talking to a queen and they’ve been telling me how the local girls and resident queens don’t talk to them and don’t give them gigs. So I ask, “Well, do you follow them on social media?” and they tell me no!

Crayola the Queen.

It’s super vital if you’re trying to get a gig in your local scene that you follow and support the local girls as they’re the ones who hold the key and can get you a gig. It’s all very good following Rugirls, but they aren’t the one who will help you get your first gig. Queens aren’t going to give opportunities to girls who don’t support them!

#3 Attend local shows

My third tip for all you queens out there is to attend as many local shows as you can and attend them regularly! We queens get that not everyone can attend all our shows all the time, but it’s important to go as much as you possibly can as before you know it, queens will start to recognise you and friendships will strike up hopefully leading to a gig.

A little bonus tip for attending local shows is to attend in drag as it will instantly draw attention to you and get you noticed by the local queens, especially if your showing up turning LEWKS!

#4 Competitions

So my last and final tip for you – and the way I got my first gig – is to apply for any local competitions on your scene. There are a number of competitions for baby queens to show off their talents, and even if you go home first, you’re bound to get yourself known. It’s a brilliant way to get your foot in the door!

That’s my four top tips for all you sickening baby queens out there trying to get your first gig, I hope this helped you and hopefully, I’ll be seeing some of you queens out there!

This post was written by Shego Twist. Go check her out!

Top photo from @missmonroeadams.

One response to “4 tips on how to get your first drag gig”

  1. Enry Silvain says:

    I’m really interested in trying out for those competitions for new queens. But I can’t seem to find any places that they were advertised pre-covid. I live in the East Yorkshire area but am moving Manchester. Hoping to get my first gig when this pandemic is over.
    ,Lots of Love
    – Enry Silvain

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