Paper lashes and bottom lashes – coming soon!

Prepare to be GAGGED! Here’s what we’ve got coming up next month…

Handmade paper lashes

You guys asked for it… So we’ve teamed up with Lavinia Cox to bring you a range of handmade paper lashes! These lashes are for serving full on DRAMA! Make a statement in a thick set of our gorgeous paper lashes.

They’ll be available in two different lengths so you’ve got plenty of choice to create your looks.

To protect your lashes and keep them freshly shaped, they will come in a cylinder shaped What A Drag box, which is completely unique and designed specifically for our range.

Paper lash boxes

Keep an eye out – our paper lashes will be available for pre-order on 1st December.

Bottom lashes

We’re so excited to say that we’ll soon be launching some CUTE AF bottom lashes! Kick that eye look up a notch with our STUNNING lil’ beauties!

Stay tuned for more updates soon.

More 301s!

Box of 301 lashes

Since we launched our STUNNING little 301 lashes, they’ve gone down a storm on Instagram! They’ve been so popular we’ve ordered DOUBLE the amount so we can keep you gals stocked up!

And yes, they’ll be coming in those sickening What A Drag boxes you love so much!

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