10 year old #TweenQueen: An interview with Kristal Destiny

One of our youngest customers is the gorgeous Kristal Destiny, a baby queen from Peterborough. Kristal came down to DragWorld a few weeks ago with her super supportive Mum Sarah and we finally got the chance to meet them both!

Kristal’s story melts our hearts so we decided to ask her a few questions about how she got started with drag!

Who is Kristal Destiny?​

“Kristal is my drag persona. I use Kristal to get rid of my anxiety​​.”

How old were you when you started drag?

Kristal with Asia Thorne at DragWorld 2019
Kristal with Asia Thorne at DragWorld 2019

“​I started doing drag when I was 10 years old. I asked my Mum for wigs, dresses and makeup for Christmas, and I first dressed in drag on Boxing Day 2018. My first public drag appearance was in March 2019 when I went to school in drag for World Book Day.​​”

How did you find out about drag?​

“I found out about drag thanks to RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’ve watched every season, but seasons five and six are my favourites.”

​​How does drag make you feel?

“​I feel happy when I’m in drag. I have anxiety a lot and I am not very confident, especially at school. And sometimes I get bullied. When I’m being Kristal, I have more confidence and less anxiety. Sometimes if I’m feeling stressed and anxious, I’ll just put a dress on and I feel much better. I feel Kristal is a part of me.​​”

What drag queens inspire you?​

Kristal with Holly Stars at DragWorld 2019

“Bianca Del Rio because she is funny and confident and on Drag Race, she showed kindness to other younger queens. ​Ben DeLaCreme because her backstory sounds like mine. She was called weird and chubby when she was at school and she had a tough time. ​Eureka O’Hara because she is a big girl and she makes it a positive thing and something to be proud of.​​”

Are there any UK drag queens you’d like to perform with?​

“There are two queens I’d like to meet and perform with. One is Charlie Hides who was in Drag Race, and the other is Fifi la True who is Jamie Campbell, the person the musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is about. Jamie’s story is a lot like mine!”

​Where do you see yourself in five years time?​

I hope to still be doing drag in five years. I’d like to still be doing What A Drag competitions, and lip-sync videos, and being more confident with performing and doing my own makeup. Instead of just visiting DragWorld, I’d like to be performing there!”

What advice do you have for others as young as you thinking of starting up?

“Never give up and be who you want to be.”

Check out Kristal Destiny’s Instagram and website!

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  1. Klayr says:

    Kristal Destiny you are an inspiration. I can’t wait to see you perform at Drag World!
    #Neverstopbeingyou #Youwereborntostandout

    Sarah…. Your pretty special too xxx

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