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Hello! We’re Brad and Dom and we started What A Drag in October 2018.

It all started from conversations with drag queens in dressing rooms. They told us one of their biggest challenges was cost.

Drag 👏 costs 👏 munty 👏

So we decided to change that!

We created What A Drag so we can give you the drag supplies you need at a fraction of the price. That way you have more money to spend on things that sparkle! Our dream is for What A Drag to become the only place you ever need to go for your supplies.

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So who does what?!

Dom made this website, packs most of the orders, and deals with the boring business and financial stuff. Brad works with suppliers and designers across the world to bring you the very best products, and spends the rest of his time keeping you gals updated with the latest goss on social media!

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  • 301 Submissive Lashes

    301 Submissive Lashes

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  • 3D Versatile Lashes

    3D Versatile Lashes

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  • Power Bottom Lashes

    Power Bottom Lashes

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  • Coronation Artistry Palette

    Coronation Artistry Palette

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  • Eye Makeup Brush Set

    Eye Makeup Brush Set

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  • Out of stockMakeup Blenders

    Makeup Blenders (x2)

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  • Wig Detangling Brush

    Wig Detangling Brush

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  • Face Makeup Brush Set

    Face Makeup Brush Set

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